Eamon Carr 

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Below an Eamon Carr shot is from the Book of Invasions era. 

Johnny: "That's my 1960 Les Paul Sunburst below.  It's the same guitar in to photo at the at the right."


Above - Eamon : "Here's one I took in Chesham St. "

Johnny : " That's Chesham St, Belgravia, London. It  shortly after I bought the 1960 Les Paul Sunburst. I think it was bought March 1977, I remember it was around the time of Maggie's birthday! "


Photo Right: Lombard Studios!

Eamon :"I've no idea of the date or studio, but the amp might be a clue! 
Is it Lombard Studio?"

Johnny : " Yeah, it's Lombard Studio in Dublin and during the recording of Aliens, and guess what, that's the same guitar as in the two photos above. "

Eamon: " Here's one of Johnny with engineer Johnny Byrne a lovely bloke who worked on the Zen's stuff, including the "You Make My Day" single.  Sadly Johnny Byrne fell to his death from an apartment window in New York a few years ago. He'd been living there and working with various bands including Black 47.  He was a studio engineer at Lombard Street Studios when we began recording one of the later album with Steve Katz. Was it the Man Who Built America? Anyway due to technical problems meant we had to decamp early in the sessions to London."

Eamon: "Johnny was one of the prime movers behind the single Dub Rap with performance artist and writer Mannix Flynn."

Also from Eamon check the Anthology slides 6 and 26! .