Radio Kerry Interview

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Brian Hurley from Radio Kerry interviewed Stephen and Johnny on  Saturday August 21st prior to their gig in Ned Natterjacks at Castle Gregory.

Radio Kerry have kindly agreed to allow us to provide the interview on our site.  To avoid copyright and broadcast issues we've removed the songs from the interview.

The remaining interview is about 50 minutes long. The files have been compressed to keep the download size down, so the sound is not broadcast quality. We recommend that you (right click and ) save the files onto your computer.

For broadband users we have 
Interview in MP3 
Interview as Real Audio
For low bandwidth users we have four Mp3s. Approx 1.5 Meg each.
Part 1
     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4
Download time 3 to 15mins per file depending on connection speed.
Original interview supplied courtesy of Radio Kerry, all rights reserved.