The Crack

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The Crack

The Crack had started out when Steve Travers and Aonghus McNally  left  Starband and formed the Ska band 'Crackers'.  Line-up changes and a name tweak saw 'The Crack' being formed as a 4 piece outfit.  Here Steve was joined by guitar-vocalist Tommy Lundy, Ronan O'Callaghan on Keyboards and Pat Waller on Drums.


On their debut album 'Dawn of The Crack', Adrian Mullen and Dee McMahon from Starband and various members of The Memories guested on backing vocals.


As well as Aonghus, Adrian and Dee, the Starband line-up also had Steve's friends Ray Miller and Des McLea (AKA Des Lee), both band-mates from the Miami.  There are some great photographs of Steve and Starband here 


Saxophone jazz-legend Jim Farley was a studio guest on a couple of album tracks too. For him this was a break from being band leader of The Jim Farley Big band, The Jim Farley Showband and The Jim Farley All stars where he played with Roly Daniels.


In 2007 Ronan O'Callaghan is a lecturer in popular music at home in Derry.  He still finds time to play keyboards for his own entertainment.    He fondly remembers 

Tommy Lundy who was the best man at his wedding.  Sadly Tommy passed away at the end of 2003.


Aonghus McNally (son of actor Ray) had been previously been the guitarist with Mushroom.  Over the years he's been seen on as a presenter on many an RTE TV programme including 'Anything Goes' and he's dabbled in production too. In march 2006 Aonghus shared the stage with Johnny Fean & Horslips on TG4's Irish speaking programme Adran. 


The Crack's appearances on RTE TV included the performance of instrumental piece 'Listen' and also 'When The Time Comes' on the show 'Anything Goes', and also a 30 minute performance on Campus Rock at the Top Hat Ballroom, Dun Laoghaire. (Incidentally Johnny Fean with the Zen Alligators had also played the Top Hat for the an earlier programme on the same show.)


Arthur Walters, who previously had been a booking agent for Horslips, was in involved in the management of both The Crack and The Zen Alligators. 


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Below is an article from the RTE guide in 1982.

You can download a higher resolution version of this article from this link at  Gerry Gallagher's