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 Tony Matlon's Horslips photo of Johnny, Eamon and Barry  in Park West Chicago 1979 . 




Right: Same night - Charles and Johnny again.


Below: Charles on the Fender.

Johnny:" Charles is on his 52/53 original Fender Esquire, it's a bit like my current Les Paul Junior since it has one pickup rather than the two you have on a Telecaster. Both Charles and myself used the Esquire for the recording of Short Stories. Charles used it for his own songs like , Summer's Most Wanted and Ricochet Man. I borrowed it for rhythm work. That's it you hear for the opening chords of Guests of the Nation, and also for Back in My Arms. The lead guitar work was still done with my 1960 Les Paul.....

..... the same thing happened when we worked on Host's Tryal, we shared the guitar and used it for different parts.  "