The Miami Showband
 Remembrance Night
Vicar St - 1st August 2005

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The last official photograph of 
The Miami Showband


The 30th anniversary of The Miami Showband tragedy occurred  on July 31st 2005 and a special weekend of events took place to mark the anniversary and remember the  lives of Frank O’Toole, Brian McCoy and Tony Geraghty who lost their lives at that time. 

Dana lead the music for the worshipers at the special interdenominational service held in Dublin's Pro-Cathedral Saturday July 30th. Dickie Rock also sang.  

L-R: Tony Geraghty, Fran O’Toole, Ray Millar, Des Lee, Brian McCoy and Steve Travers

Find info here on Steve's Book about the Miami Showband Story. 

Then on Monday August 1st a special concert, concentrating on the musical achievements of the lost performers took place in Vicar St.  Follow this link to read the pre-event press release.


Vicar St - Video Clips

Below are 3 download video clips. These require a media player for *.wmv files. Please save these files to your hard drive (that's a right click on the photo for PC based computers) 

Right: A few seconds of Dearg Doom and some band introductions.  Johnny and Steve  joined on stage by Mick Rowley on drums.  (6 meg file)


Left: In another video clip  Steve, in his mind's eye, goes back in time and sees his bandmates (Fran Brian and Tony)  beside him on stage. This was what the night was all about!   (4 meg file)

The final clip below shows more than 40 artists including Steve and Des Lee (keyboards) on stage for the Finale. (4 meg file)

Among the artists on stage during the night were:  Brendan Bowyer and his daughter, Brendan Bonass, Richie Buckley, Ronan Collins, Frank Colohan, Mike Hanrahan, Fr Brian Darcey, Donnie Deveney, Ronnie Drew, Keith Donald, Jim Farley, Red Hurley, Brian Harris, George Jones, Tony Kenny, The Memories, The Indians, Johnny Fean , Mick Rowley, Shaun O’Dowd, Derrick Mahaffey, The Conquerors, Pat Lynch, Brendan O’Brien, Declan Ryan, Kelly (Nevada), John Keogh, Brian Maguire, Jim McCann, Pat McCarthy ,Brendan Quinn, Shay Healy,  The Strangers, Des Lee, Steve Travers, Paul Ashford and Bobby Kelly.

If  we've got this wrong or left off this list please email here


It was intended that proceeds of the concert would go towards erecting a permanent memorial to Fran O’Toole, Tony Geraghty and Brian McCoy.

The memorial was unveiled by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern on December 10th 2007. 
Click here for more info. 

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